Are you still waiting for your stimulus check? If you haven’t spent the extra cash by now, you might be interested in knowing that there are many interesting investment alternatives that could be a whole lot better than wasting the money on a few insignificant commodities.

About 130 million families will receive a stimulus check with a value of anything from $300 to $1,200 plus a bonus of an additional $300 per qualifying child. Depending on the amount involved, going on a shopping spree might be a temping first choice although it is not the smartest one. This little windfall could represent the perfect opportunity for you to start investing especially seeing as the money won’t come out of your paycheck or savings. So, why not use the money to improve your financial prospects?

Mutual funds

From a reluctant investor’s financial perspective, there is no better way to start investing. Mutual funds are easy to acquire, offer a decent return and best off all, are relatively low-risk. Choosing one will be the hardest part since currently there are literally thousands floating around, but nevertheless, it is always better than spending the money on a new pair of shoes.

Buy stocks

Why not invest some of the money in stocks. With the cash you can create a small portfolio or add to an existing one, by buying some stocks. You might even be motivated by the fact that currently there are many interesting inexpensive stocks with decent dividend yields.

Safe the money

Investing in mutual funds or buying stocks might not be your cup of tea, so why not take this opportunity to start your savings. Every little bit helps, and in a time of economy unrest having a nest egg tucked away for emergencies is extremely wise.

Pay debt

This must be the worst option for many people. Paying down debt just doesn’t seem important to most people especially since there are so many nice things that could be bought with the money. Getting rid of old credit card debt, or at least some of it, is a good way to recover financial stability.

In the end, it in really doesn’t matter where you invest the money received, as long as you invest it wisely. Even if you’re only entitled to a small check, why not use it in a positive way to insure a better financial future for yourself.

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