One of the scariest thoughts to rush through the head of a buyer in the market for a new home is the famous down payment that comes associated with every mortgage loan. A good number of buyers will even state that without a down payment it is impossible to purchase a home, no need in [...]

If you in the market for a new home, you might have heard about mortgage interest rates and wondered how this variable could have an effect on a loan for your new home. The million dollar question that should be asked is why are mortgage interest rates so important? To start off you should understand [...]

Just like you would expect, every financial product or service presents a potentially negative side that should to be analyzed carefully ahead of time in order to determine whether the advantages provided by that particular service outweigh all the possible shortcomings. Reverse mortgages are exactly the same and although they can be a secure approach [...]

A reverse mortgage is a type of loan that is only available to senior citizens who own equity-rich real estate and wish to turn the equity in their homes into cash. The money can be used to provide security during retirement years or be used in acquiring some sort of retirement accommodations, although the borrower [...]

Mortgage insurance or private mortgage insurance is a financial guarantee paid by the borrower, that insures lenders against loses and any other offset that could lead to the home owner not being able to repay the loan. In situations where the borrower is unable to continue repaying the loan and the lender is forced to [...]